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Socially Responsible

One of the key benefits of lab-grown diamonds is that you just know exactly where the diamond originated. Many traditional mined diamonds come from conflict regions. This has raised both ethical and humanitarian concerns. The diamond industry has been linked to child labor, poor working conditions, human rights violations, and funding armed conflicts. With lab-grown diamonds, you'll have peace of mind knowing your diamond wasn’t involved within the blood diamond trade.

Smaller Environmental Impact

Mining for diamonds contains a tremendous impact on the environment. Between 88,000 and 176,000 pounds of dirt must be sifted through to search out one 1-carat diamond. While the diamond industry, or rather one company particularly, has pushed the misconception that diamonds are rare, we now know the reality. Diamonds don't seem to be rare. Never are and never are going to be because of advanced technology.

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Less Expensive

With lab-grown diamonds, you’ll be ready to get an even bigger stone or higher quality for your budget. will be} because lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% less costly than traditionally mined diamonds of identical quality. As processes of making lab-grown diamonds still improve, the difference in price between the 2 styles of diamonds is probably going to still grow.

Better Quality for the value

Lab-grown diamonds are made in a very controlled environment, although each diamond will differ in quality almost like mined diamonds. Every lab diamond is graded using the 4Cs of Diamond Quality: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. this is often true for both lab diamonds and mined diamonds. the value of a diamond is set supported by how it performs in each of those categories. So while no two diamonds are precisely the same, whether lab-grown or pulled from the world, you'll get far better quality for the identical amount you'd spend on a mined diamond.

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