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Lab-Grown Diamonds are just like test-tube babies grown from a single seed of Diamond under the same heat and pressure as in the crust of mother earth. They are ecologically friendly as they do not scar the earth with mining. Since they avoid the stigma of blood diamonds there has been a worldwide acceptance for this category. And, most importantly, they are more uniform, yet cheaper than earth-mined diamonds.


Yes, it is a real diamond, even the most sophisticated gem laboratories certify it as diamonds. The only difference is the origin of these diamonds, instead of being mined from the earth, they are Grown under a controlled environment in a lab.

Lab-created diamonds (which have also been referred to as lab-grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds, cultivated diamonds, or cultured diamonds) are man-made diamonds that mirror natural diamonds. Because they actually consist of carbon atoms structures, Lab-Grown Diamonds display the same chemical and optical characteristics of a natural diamond crystal produced by the geological processes of Mother Nature. Synthetic diamond prices are generally lower than natural diamonds, and the price of lab-created diamonds continues to drop (as much as 30% in a year). This is due to lab-grown diamonds not having any resale value and that the demand for lab-grown diamonds continues to decrease.


Best Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab Create Diamond

Lab-Grown Diamonds are identical to their natural counterparts in every way, except they are grown in a lab from a diamond seed instead of pulled from the earth. Diamonds are made up almost entirely of pure carbon. That’s why both lab diamonds and mined diamonds have the exact same physical properties. They replicate the exact natural process that forms earth-grown diamonds but cost up to 40% less. Let’s compare the process of growing diamonds in a lab vs. how diamonds form in the earth.

Mined diamonds form deep in the earth’s crust over billions of years. The consequence of mining diamonds is significant. Mined diamonds—also known as blood diamonds—destroy local habitats and wildlife and compromise the wellbeing of laborers.